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August 11, 2018

I am the crazy lady with no "filter" that sells professional grade vinyl to the most amazing Side Hustle Warriors (SHW) and Fellow Crafters (FC) in South Carolina and beyond!  Nothing makes my day more than having my folks come in and share what they are doing with the best professional grade vinyl available at lower prices than the competition. Do the math.  


I have had clients come in and tell me that the prices are less online.  That may be true... before taxes, shipping costs, and the planets aligning on a Tuesday at 7pm without the number 6 being pulled in a bingo tournament.  I also do not have the time to troll those sites waiting on all conditions above being met so I can pick a bundle of 20 colors to get the 2 I want to "save money" or spend $50 to save on shipping!


Come on, Crafters and Warriors.  Face it... you get the best ROI (return on investment) when you get professional grade in the amount you need when you need it.  Especially when you require payment in advance.  That is the real savings, folks!  


I keep my prices low so that you can keep yours lower than your competition and increase your bottom line profit.  "Help me Help you," as Tom Cruise said in Jerry McGuire (sp?), right?!?!


I wanted to share what one of my clients, Megan Burnett and I did with the vinyl that we fondly refer to as Grandma's Couch.  I did the "Can't Cry with neon pink thermoflex plus and the "Pretty" is done with the floral deco.  Megan did the amazing skill below it.


I also wanted to share a brilliant idea that another client, Missy, did with some Oracal 651 on her door (front and back).









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