Retro or not So Signs

August 24, 2018

Happy Thursday!  This is my "hump day" since I am open Tuesday-Saturday.  I will let you chew on that for a minute... (60 seconds later...).  Now that we got that out of the way, we can move on to the point of this conversation, or did I have a point?  Well thanks for reading...


Oh, yeah!  Signs from the past.  If you are young, I am sure you have seen movies from when we (your parents and I) were young.  If you can get past the horrors that are now total fashion faux pas (sp?), then you can see the walls behind actors like Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, C. Thomas Howell, Demi Moore... Should I go on?  There is a point to this.  Look at the walls in the rooms of those "teenagers."  You see signs!  

Why don't our kids have signs?  I am guessing that if you read this you are either a crafter or involved in some way with a crafter.  Otherwise our relationship, you the reader and I, may not have much meaning... (que breakup music...).


Seriously.  Signs are a forgotten art, but convey such strong meaning.  So I decided to start a movement to bring signs back into the lives of those that we love.  If it inspires you, I have them on hand as well as blank license plates; one is Black/white to open your opens up and the other is chrome.  The signs are white, but you can spray paint any one of them to get the desired look.


Giovani's birthday is coming up soon, so I made one for the door for his room.  I hope this inspires you to make a sign for some that you love.


***Before casting judgement, I freehanded it on purpose.  I wanted Giovani, his friends, and my viewers to know that I did not pay someone to make this for him, nor did it need to be perfect or look perfect.  Exactly the opposite.  It is perfectly imperfect which is what I wanted him to know is ok. 




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