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August 27, 2018

It really made my heart sad to have shut down the Orangeburg, SC location in the 5 Rivers Market.  I loved having the opportunity to offer professional grade vinyl for you all in that area and the surrounding areas.  I am still willing to offer delivery if that is what you need until I can find another location in that area that would help save you time and money again.  If you own a shop on Orangeburg with a space for me to provide this service, please contact me.  This website has a "contact me" button.  I will post on my facebook page @wesplurge when I will be in the Orangeburg area or my representative.  You are welcome to send your order using this website or PM me using my facebook page.  Payment will be required up front when I package your vinyl.  I also would like to remind you that there is a $3.00 delivery fee plus $.54 cents per mile for me to come to you from my delivery location in Orangeburg rather than you or your representative meeting me.  Failure to meet me on time will result in a refund of the cost of the vinyl, but not the $3.00 delivery fee.  If its it me, I do not expect any gratuity.  If it is my representative, it would be appreciated :-). 


Onto another totally unrelated subject, I am entertaining the idea of getting a booth at the Okra Strut in Irmo, SC.  If I was to go there, what would you, as my amazing Side Hustle Warriors (SHW) and Fellow Crafters (FC) want to see?  I was thinking of doing a raffle for a basket of goodies.  Perhaps even a Cricut Air 2.  Just kicking the idea around...


Finally, just a remind that I have Deco Flock in!  What is that, you ask?  It is a soft textured vinyl that gives a 3D look and texture to your designs.  Also, I now the 8 in 1 press so I can offer the ability for your to press hats, mugs, plates, and other textiles.  Come in and use the studio!


Lessons available for the Cricut and the studio is available for group events like parties, showers, craft nights, date night, spirit wear, etc.  I also have resources for those that need assistance with the Silhouette.  


I am excited to be able to host a Wounded Warrior Project Event on 10 September 2018! My studio and I are here for your to make your masterpieces as well!







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