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Nothing But Honest

September 5, 2018

I cannot thank all of my SHWs and FCs for your support and having my back when you see another trying to dip into our hustle.  You had my back with the Vinyl Tyme mission to infiltrate our Soldier and Veteran population at Fort Jackson.  Now we have another pop up in a VAPE shop in Lexington, SC.  Yes, I said a VAPE shop.  So you can get your vinyl and vape juice in the same trip.  How awesome is that?!?!


I joked that it would be as convenient as getting your lawn mower in the same place that you can get your hair cut to the owner when he asked me if he could sell my vinyl. Perfect, right? Right!


In reality, the owner of the vape shop came into Splurge about 2 weeks ago to tell me that he fired all of his staff, was in trouble with his taxes, could not pay his bills, but did not want to compete with me selling vinyl.  I explained to him that I left the 5 Rivers Market in Orangeburg, SC because I did not want to continue to charge clients more than what I can charge in my store.  He offered to only take a $0.10 on the $1.00 which I told him would cause me to still price gouge my clients which I was unwilling to do.  


We discussed him building cubbies for me to make some money since he was having trouble making his bill payments and he promised to deliver in 2 days.  No cubbies, no contact.


Fast forward to today.  I have been notified by many of my amazing SHWs and FCs that he has partnered with Angela Harper, out of N. Augusta, GA. As far as I know, she currently sells from her living room in her house.  I, as well other amazing SHWs and FCs, have made efforts to communicate with her to learn what she plans to offer.  So far she is not responding.  Previous posts from her site showed that she offered Siser and Oracal like Michael's.


I will continue to research this for you so that I can provide the same level of honesty and transparency that I have always offered you all.  


That is how we grow. And keep our business local.


Again, thanks for your support and watching my back so I can watch yours :-). 



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