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September 11, 2018




***Pay Close Attention***

I already posted this, but am noticing that it may be more systemic than isolated!  Is your vinyl lifting after pressing? If so, what textiles are you using and what brand of vinyl?


I posted that Specialty Materials warned that if we are using Gildan Shirts, there is a risk of lifting because of a chemical they are using on their shirts.


I had a client with the WWP project in my studio today claim that she has lifting and was not using a Gildan product. Later I saw another individual post that she has a vinyl lifting issue entirely independent of my experiences and purchasing of items from me. Different product and location.


Again, I am not looking to discredit any one or any product. I am just trying to determine whether it is a brand thing or whether it is a manufacturer issue. Feedback is encouraged so I can share with my distributors. 


To mitigate the risk, spray a solution that is 70% isopropyl alcohol / 30% water on the textile with a spray bottle.   No need to saturate the item.  Just enough to compromise the existing chemical preventing adhesion.  Then "dry" the area using a press or an iron.  It does not need to be bone dry, just dry enough to press vinyl on the item.  


On another note, totally unrelated, I was humbled and sooooo appreciative for the opportunity to sponsor a Wounded Warrior Project  event today. A tremendously awesome experience. I enjoyed having so many veterans and supporters/family members. It reminded me of why I spent 24 years working with some of the most amazing and inspiring folks and their supporters on this earth! Thank you all for that😍👍😁  More events are planned so I hope that y'all return and more embrace the opportunity to make something personal.  


I also hope that my folks that read this consider sharing their event with me as well.  Showers, birthday parties, craft and drafts, Hurricanes... I have the kids' space and 4 kids between Rachel and I.   Come out and play!

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