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Braving the storm :-)

September 15, 2018

I would like to shout out to those that braved the storm and come out to the shop today. You were brave and I appreciate you! For those that were unable to make it, do not worry.  By brave storm, for those that are nowhere close and watching it on TV like a reality tragedy, I mean no rain, but clouds coming in (HaHaHa...).  I understand doing the right thing for you and your loved ones, so do not take my jest personal.  I would look out for family as well. I will be available by appointment through the weekend and Monday, but CLOSED SATURDAY, 15 September 2018. Barring any considerable catastrophe, we will be back to business as usual Tuesday 😁👍


Things to remember:


1. Come in and make your "You've Been Booed" buckets/pails.  If you want to be the first to go "viral" in your neighborhood or office, the time is running out.  More than 1K folks locally may be reading this, too.  1 week out of work with kids... beware.


2. Celebrate an occasion or get a gift for someone who will enjoy it. The Fall Bundle Bouquet for $40.95 includes 15 solid sheets in a basket. See attached photo.


3. Colors of the Week beginning Tuesday are attached.  10% off as an introduction price.


4. Many of us want to do a craft and draft. You BYOB and I will pick the craft. Bring a friend, or more than one if you are so fortunate.  I am still accepting applications for one (hahahah), and let's make something! Who would like to partake? October 6th or 7th or both.  We can have a lock in.  I have a fridge and a latrine.


I appreciate all of you for coming in, crafting and chatting with us. Thanks for the google reviews and word of mouth support.  Also, thank you for accepting Rachel Pierce as my Battle Buddy. Ashton Van Putten is still doing cameos, but her education is paramount.


Finally, I wanted to let you know that we have a Silhouette 3 on the way so that you can learn either the Silhouette or Cricut.  Just call us at 803.708.2000 to arrange a time.


Thank you, as always, for supporting us as a small business, and other small business.  We drive the economy this way, so let's make something!









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