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New Home

September 16, 2018

Happy Post Flo day, SHWs (side hustle warriors) and FCs (fellow crafters)!  I was driving to the shop today and saw a location for sale.  It was soooooooo cool!  Built in 1900, about 3000sq', and perfect for our

purpose.  It is waaaaaay to big, though.  I only wanted about 1800sq'.  It used to house offices, so the upstair space has plenty of rooms for folks to rent those small spaces.  




I have a realtor looking into it now, so I will keep you posted.  


Thanks for your support and continued patronage.  I would not be where I am at if not for you!  


Let's make something!!!


***I went to see it today.  Holy Moly!  I would not ask anyone to come in and purchase any heat vinyl or transfer vinyl from this location.  It would be almost as seedy as purchasing vinyl from a vape shop!  May as well buy bread from your local hardware store :-).  


Either way, it was purchased through auction for $165K.  Most of the items abandoned by the law office are still in there, to include the termite damage, broken windows, and the potentially asbestos filled structure.  The hilarious part is that the investor is still asking $299,900K for it.  I would highly recommend it to someone that has $300K to buy and another $100k at least to restore it so that it could become a usable space.  I am not the one. It does have historic charm and would likely be grandfathered regarding ADA requirements.


So I am still looking for the permanent home for Splurge! if you have a recommendations!  


Thanks for reading and supporting me as a small local business and supporter of all small local businesses!

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