Glitter Cup Class 21 October 2018

September 30, 2018

Happy Sunday SHWs (side hustle warriors) and FCs (fellow crafters)!  I have a few items on the agenda to talk about.


1.  As an update to the Gildan shirts not accepting the vinyl, I was in my local Michaels today and confirmed that they have Fruit of the Loom an Jerzees shirts on display for the same price as the Gildan shirts.  Using deductive reasoning, as they did not sell them before that I ever noticed, they must be aware that there is an issue with the heat vinyl adhering.  I even observed it with my own eyes with a client using vinyl other than Thermoflex (which is what I sell) in my studio, so this confirmed to me that it is systemic in the garment world and not the vinyl world.  I still maintain my stance on using a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water.  Spray the textile and press dry before pressing your garment.  I cannot guarantee that this will work, but it has for all but 1 of the clients that I speak with.


2. The holidays are around the corner and many of you asked for a glitter class.  I am excited to announce that Splurge! will be offering a level 1 glitter cup Craft and Draft © on 21 October 2018 from 2pm-UTC.  It will be at the shop at 7512B Woodrow Street, in Irmo, SC.  Take a small break from your cricut vinyl machine or your silhouette vinyl cutter and learn how to make those glitter cups before the holidays so that you can make something great for the ones you love, care about, or are forced to get something for that someone that you would not normally spend a dime on ordinarily!  We all have those occasions, right?!?!  So pinch a penny and learn how to make something amazing and low cost!  It is by reservation only because we have limited seats.  It is $25 per person and all supplies and cups will be provided.  Payment is due on or before 13 October by 7pm.  Payment secures your reservation.


3. If you see this shirt around, remember that you saw it here, first!  It is an Amanda Eisman-Lindsay Splurge! original.  Fun with scraps!!!


Let's Make Something!!!




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