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Cricut Basics and intro to your new machine by Splurge!

February 3, 2019

So, SHWs and FCs! For those new to me, those are my Side Hustle Warriors and Fellow Crafters.



I love and embrace all of you as we go through this ARTventure, I have a few tips that may help my Cricut folks:


1.  Turn your dial to the West position and NEVER move it!!! This forces you to consciously choose the textile you cutting. Huge 💴 money 💰 maker!


2. You cannot create offline. That is a challenge.


3. Most do not understand group, attach, weld, or flatten. Hopefully theses explanations will help..:


- Group means that while on your “canvas” or grid sheet online, if you group items together, you can think of it as meeting someone in a grocery shop. You will move through the cashiers line together, but once it comes to loading groceries and leaving, so will you on the Cricut mat. It is a “single serve” friend like on the movie “Fight Club.”  Cricuts 🦗🦗🦗.


- Attach sifters to the Cricut that you want to be cut and stay I perfect alignment as viewed on your screen. Once attached. They will all change to the same dominating font color. I will not address that here, as it lends to a “level” 102 class using layering. Like serious dating, but not ready to take the plunge👰🏻🙈👨🏻.


- Weld is the “I do you, or I die! Once you weld something, it is a conscious decision determine that it will NEVER need to be changed or amended. If that is the case, weld. BUT before you weld it, I HIGHLY encourage grouping and attaching this post. We have all waited for this. Valentine’s Day is the day.


I am taking pre-orders now by phone:



7512B Woodrow Street

Irmo. SC 29063


11-7 Tuesday through Saturday


@WeSplurge on Facebook

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