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Newest Rant For You!

March 4, 2019

Y’all know I wholly support and endorse Palmetto Glitz Professional Grade Glitter so much that they are a prominent business partner with and within Splurge! The community has cried out for the best glitter to be offered locally. Palmetto Glitz stepped into that role and readily embraces your feedback and insight. 


Recently they were reviewed by a pretty prominent local business and the review left us wondering what our clients truly wanted. Here is the presentation...


The review identified that the glitter was distributed in bags rather than jars. This same issue was debated by us prior to Palmetto Glitz breaking out into the market. Convenience and price were paramount in the decision making process. We looked at cost versus convenience. Consistent with the business model Splurge! embraces, we look to save our clients money. This way our clients will be able to charge less or charge the same as local market value increasing their profits. Ideally these profits will be reinvested locally at Splurge! and/or Palmetto Glitz. 


We are willing to revisit this business model based on feedback from our clients. YOU are why we are here, so it is critical that we take your feedback into consideration. 


So here is the question...  would you:




A: Prefer us to convert to jars or shaker tubes, or something more solid increasing the price, or to keep the price consistent, reducing the amount of glitter that you receive in your container...




B: Remain consistent in how we reduce your up front cost and increase your return on investment (ROI) by using the bags and inspiring you to reuse something like a jar or tube that you have already paid for in your household or craft space?  This reduces cost for us all AND is more environmentally sound.



Your feedback is paramount to our success!!!

Please let us know by responding to @wesplurge or @GlitterIsMySignatureColor. 


Better yet, Come in and tell us in person!!!



7512B Woodrow Street

Irmo, SC 29063

11-7 Tuesday-Saturday 


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