Decal Size For T-shirts

April 26, 2019

Questioning your sizes for decals? Look no further than Pinterest or your local clothing retailer. There is no perfect size! 




I once tried to go by the guidelines as I found them online. The back decal looked like a suggestion of a “big boy” decal for a 5 year old. 🤣🤣🤣. I went by the guideline. 


I also have clients come in and stumble step regarding decals for shirts that are 3x or bigger. Let’s face facts, y’all... that is their belly, not the chest! If you go too large, it starts to wrap into the armpit area. That is not ideal! 😇


What to do... in MY personal experience, is go with a decal that meets these parameters, and disregard changing the size for different shirts. You have toddler, youth, and adult. Do not over-complicate it. 


Still struggling? Contact me through email and we can figure it out. I am here for y’all. 


Thanks for reading and more for your support. 😇

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