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Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl Cutter

Hey Side Hustle Warriors (SHWs) and Fellow Crafters (FCs)! You know that I have steadily moved away from using Cricut and their design platform and started becoming more proficient with the Silhouette Cameo. I have them at my house and in the shop. I plan to purchase the Cameo 4 for us all as soon as it is available so that we can all discover together. Here are a few snippets of knowledge I have and some conjecture of my own.

The Silhouette has a design system that is focused on graphic design. You are more free to trace and design projects and it even offers the ability to make puzzles, nest images, create offset images, and even work with rhinestones. Your initial investment is the machine.  They put less emphasis on their tool set. They recognize that you can use everyday household items to accomplish what you need working with vinyl. They are less tool centric and more online shopping centric. In order to use the already created images, and you pay per image. Not the most financially sound, but certainly easier than designing from scratch and you can transfer that cost to the client when billing them.

I understand that the new Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl Cutter will bridge the gap between a craft or small machine that as SHW needs and a professional plotter that the shops use when this is their only hustle. Specialty Materials Vinyl is sold in a minimum size roll of 15” wide. The new device supposedly will cut a 15” wide roll until the roll runs out, the device quits, or you quit. It costs quite a bit less than the professional plotter, but increases the productivity level of the SHW when designing and cutting the larger orders. Price point for this new device? I think the rumor is around $400.00 or more. As soon as I know, I will let you all know.

As it stands right now, the Silhouette Design Studio team is making changes and hoping to minimize the “kinks” and “bugs” that come when introducing a new device/product. I assure you that I will have one for you to look at and test in the studio to determine whether it is the right system for you shortly after it comes available.



Any questions? Feel free to contact me at Splurge! 803-708-2000, or amanda@splurgesc.com

Thanks for being the most incredible clients anyone could ever ask for!


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