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How Long Does Vinyl Last?

January 27, 2020

That is a great question, that may not have an answer.  It is not as though vinyl is perishable, but just like anything else, time takes a toll on everything.  So don’t worry if you had a sheet sitting for a year or two, it should be fine.  As for when you have it on a garment, that is different.  Factors like adhering to the proper washing instructions would determine how long it may stay on the dirt or ultimately become brittle.  With 651 indoor/outdoor vinyl, it depends on the weather conditions or placement.  On your computer it may never wear or the color may not fade.  Out in the elements, it could be 3 to 5 years as it is rated.  Face it… nothing lasts forever, right?  We also identified 10 other vinyl rules/commandments that we frequently share with clients.  Please be reminded these are regarding professional grade vinyl, not the stuff you get at your local craft store like Siser or Cricut brands.

1. Columbia Blue and NEON HTV are cold peel and you cannot layer on top of them.  You also cannot layer over metallics.

2. It is best not to layer your Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on any other vinyls other than the matte options.

3. Slicing is a more efficient when layering different vinyls.

4.  If you are peeling the heat transfer tape and your vinyl is lifting with it, DO NOT reheat.  it is likely already still too hot.  let it cool down more then peel from the other side.  When you repress, it should tack that corner back down.

5. Make sure the top of your heat press (the platen) is making contact with the vinyl.  If it is not, because the seams of the shirt or bag are preventing good contact, you will not get good adhesion.

6. You do not need a press pillow.  a towel, pillow case, or washcloth will do the same thing.

7. Use the test cut feature on your Silhouette.  Create a test cut with your Cricut.  This will save you a ton of vinyl!

8. With 651 vinyl, after applying your transfer tape, turn your decal over so the transfer tape is on the hard surface, and peel/roll back the paper backing.  Tack your decal onto the transfer tape as you go if needed.

9. when applying to cups, 651 is not dishwasher safe, even under epoxy.  If not sealed with epoxy, allow the decal to set/cure for 72 hours before use.

10. Sealing with 651 with epoxy is always the best option to ensure the longevity of the decal.

These rules can also be found on my facebook page posts and in my pinterest account.  Thanks for reading and being the best clients a small business owner could ever ask for.

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